Uncompetitive Engine Haunts Ferrari and Red Bull

The domination of Mercedes engine is clearly visible on the last Austrian GP; the tops 7 cars were using Mercedes Engines except Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari.  Alonso was the only driver who was not using the Mercedes engine to finish on the top seven drivers; he was fifth. He was the runner up of the F1 Championship for 3 times in the last 4 years; he said that he would like to have more victories and trophies rather than respect when capable of achieving points with less competitive car. Alonso said the he earned more respect from the other drivers, team members as well as fans due to his achievements as Ferrari driver; but he mentioned that he would prefer trophies rather than respects.

Rui Costa Won the Tour of Switzerland Again

Rui Costa the Portuguese world road race champion managed to record three wins in three consecutive years of Tour of Switzerland. He overhauled Tony Martin who is his closest competitor on the last day to earn the title. Martin started the Martigny to Saas-Fee stage more than a minute ahead of Costa, but the Portuguese managed to win the last stage in 4 hours 13 minutes and 14 seconds. The last stage result gave Costa 33 seconds ahead of Mathias Frank who is followed by Bauke Mollema and Tony Martin. The hilly track ahead the finish line brought the advantage to Costa as he managed to break clear ahead of the other cyclist near the finish line.

The First J.J. Hardy Homerun this Year

His long drought was finally ended when Hardy hit a homerun on his 265th plate; it was his first homerun during his 2014 campaign. It was a great hit by the Baltimore shortstop to stop his homerun drought this year. J.J. Hardy managed to hit 25 homeruns for the Baltimore Orioles last year, 22 homeruns in 2012 and 30 the previous year. Hardy is one of the best shortstops in the Major League Baseball since his appearance in 2007 season; he managed to hit 26 homeruns for Brewers that season. The decline of his homerun record this season is one of the affecting aspects to the unusual season of Baltimore Orioles this year.

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